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Dr. King and the Universal Struggle for African Freedom- 50 Years Later (A Pan African Perspective)

August 28, 2013, marked the 50th Anniversary of the historic March on Washington. On this day in 1963 more than two-hundred and fifty thousand (250,000) people came to Washington, from all corners of America, to march for freedom, jobs and the passage of the 1964 Civil Rights Bill. It was at this auspicious occasion that the Rev.…

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Pan African author, Ed Brown, addresses 100th Anniversary Celebration of UNIA-ACL at Schomburg in Harlem

Pan African Author Mwalimu Ed Brown’s Speaks at the opening ceremony of the UNIA-ACL Centennial Celebration at the Schomburg Center for Research in Black Culture in Harlem. Calls for the creation of thousands of UAB2020 Clubs throughout the Global African Community to ignite a dynamic and transformative global Pan African Youth Movement (PAYM) that will…

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Trayvon- A Pan African Perspective

“The names and the faces have changed but the game is still the same” Emmit Till- 1955 Amadou Diallo-1999 Trayvon Martin – 2013 NAME – Till- (age 14) RACE – Black/African American INCIDENT – Whistled at white girl in Money, Mississippi. INJUSTICE – Murdered and brutalized beyond facial recognition by white vigilante. JURY DECISION –…

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